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You want to create productions that matter. That blow away your clients. And that make you shine with pride. You need a voice for that. To make a complicated message sound easy to digest, to put a smile on someone’s face or to gain trust. As your Dutch voice nerd, I am here to help. In fluent English that is hard to pinpoint to one country or gezellig in my native tongue.

Demo commercials Dutch

Radio, tv or online. A Spotify spot or a YouTube pre-roll. You name it.

Demo explainers Dutch

Keep their attention! With an animation or with speaking footage.

Demo corporate Dutch

The essence of a company, captured in sounds and visuals.

Demo voicemail / IVR Dutch

Your customer is the next caller! I will welcome them with a smile.

Demo English

Fluent, Europen. No heavy accent, unless upon request.

Demo character voices

From a nerdy shopkeeper to a villainous maniac. Several English accents.


How to?

Every new project starts with a briefing. The script could be a good starting point. The more you can tell me about what you need, the better I can finetune the voice-over to your wishes.

My voice is yours. What’s next?

I’d love to help you get on track. My network is full of people that could be an asset to your work. From filmmakers to sound studios, to end-to-end creators for your production.

Take your time

Make sure your production has a nice balance between spoken text, music and silence. Too many words crammed together will sound hasty and hurt your message. A speaking pace that is easy on the ears is 120 to 150 words per minute.


Does your script contain words with more than one pronunciation? If I have any doubts, I will send you a voice sample with those particular words. Just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Tone of voice

What would you like to hear or even better: feel when you hear the voice-over? Friendliness, authority, joy? Together we will find the right tone of voice.

Free retake

Do you not feel completely happy with the voice-over audio I sent you? No problem! A free retake of an agreed script is always part of the deal.


Full service post-processing is something to leave to a pro audio engineer. I will deliver high quality, unprocessed audio through WeTransfer. Cut clean of annoying mouth noises or useless breaths. Free of mispronunciations of course.


“C’est le ton qui fait la musique” – it’s the tone that makes the music. But it’s also the other way around! Please provide me with any music you have considered for your production, for a spot on speaking pace and tone of voice.

Target audience

Corporate client, young or old people or medical students? If you can tell me who your production is meant for, it helps me to choose a fitting tone of voice.

About me
Hi! I’m Bart Kooiman, born and raised in Amsterdam, living in the heart of the Netherlands. My clients include Head & Shoulders, Heineken, Listerine, the Red Cross and Sonos.

I’ve had an ear for acting, singing and language since I was a boy. At 13, I did my first voice over for Dutch national television, voicing a group of 16 Moldovian foster children. I continued acting through college in both classical and contemporary plays with an independent Amsterdam theatre group.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in public health, I developed my skills as a project manager and advisor and found I enjoyed transforming complex information into easily digestible stories. I began my voice acting business in 2019 and discovered it’s the best career in the world.

I dive headfirst into every project, perfecting the audio in my home studio. I can read serious content in an accessible tone of voice. Giving scripts a conversational feel is something I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve been referred to as an adept speech chameleon, changing my tone of voice easily to my client’s request. Feel free to call me a voice nerd. Voice acting brings me great joy when I collaborate with production companies, giving it my all to make sure their message reaches the hearts of their target audience.

Outside the studio, I nerd out with my wife and three children, sip a nice porter or stout with friends and hit the piano keys or a volleyball from time to time. I look forward to bringing your next project to life with my voice. It’s all yours.

Bart Kooiman
Dutch voice nerd

What other people say

Milan Lagerwerf

Marketing strategists and owner Flom & Co.
Bart understands exactly what I mean, comes up with suggestions and as a voice-over he is a true chameleon. Choose Bart. But please not all of you, because then he won’t have time for us anymore 😉

Jim Friederich

Commercial producer CommercialDeal
Bart knows after only a few directions which tone of voice you are looking for. Plus, he gives his own creative freedom to a project, to really adopt the script. It’s always fun to work with Bart!

Robin Lommerde

Video maker YourStory Video
Bart is passionate, versatile and supportive, both as a person and as a voice-over artist. He is a good match for pretty much any project I can think of. Every collaboration is a joy. So now it’s my time to speak out.. for Bart!

Felicia Lin

Owner and video consultant LIN Videomarketing
Bart is not only professional and experienced, he is also a great person to work with and that’s what you will hear in his voice. Our clients and relations respond very positively. We highly recommend Bart for any audio recording you may need!

Monika Knottnerus

Owner PRezz Videoproductiehuis
Bart can work with only a few instructions on my end. His voice sounds clear and strong, but pleasant at the same time. Collaborating with Bart is truly a joy: he responds immediately, thinks along with you and delivers fast. My clients always respond enthusiastically.

Studio Make

Creative Sound
Bart can be employed in many different ways, from corporate and more serious content to fun acting jobs. He knows how to handle these and you can hear that he enjoys the work. We hope to collaborate with Bart many more times in the future.


The process of creating. Different every time, because everyone has their own wishes. How did the client find me? How did the collaboration go? What made them so happy? Watch some productions with my voice and read along for a look behind the scenes.


For every project I calculate a fee, based on factors like the number of words, the purpose of your production and the broadcast medium you wish to use. Please be in touch to discuss your needs. Below you will find some starting fees.

Radio: € 50 (local) TV: € 75 (local)

Online video
€ 150 (0 – 250 words)

€ 250 (0 – 250 words)

Radio: € 50 (local), TV: € 75 (local)

€ 100


Considering booking my voice? Please leave your contact details and I will be in touch shortly to discuss the possibilities. If you have any attachments, please email me at

Bart Kooiman
Dutch voice nerd


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