Explainer video for Rezexe

With an awesome manager from this startup that wants to prevent reservations going to waste, plus an amazing voice director from Ireland, we recorded the first video in 2021 in a Zoom call. The fact that my voice cannot be pinpointed to one country by most non-native English speakers was one of the reasons they wanted to work with me: eventually the Rezexe platform is to be rolled out internationally, throughout Europe.




Explainer video



In that first video, we introduced the characters with a hint of humour. In the years to follow, as Rezexe expanded their work in Ireland and abroad, we recorded the video you can watch above, and a couple more. Fun fact – or at least in the end it turned out fun: when we recorded this video, my darling neighbours had just decided to do construction work on their house.

Pile driving, demolition work… my home studio is very quiet, but this time it was beaten. Which brought me to the home studio of a lovely colleague I had once met in a voice-over wokshop. Nothing but serene grassland around me, with only the occational ‘moo!’ to break the silence. Not inside her booth though, where the director called in, meeting me between pink and red decorative light bulbs. Don’t they look lovely?

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