“I do!” - tv commercial for Head & Shoulders

Once my audition was selected, this project turned out to be a many-layered international collaboration. This commercial was produced in the UK and rolled out over the globe in many languages by a production company from France, in consultation with several translation agencies. They asked me if the guy who looks so hot (I don’t) was a voice I’d be willing to dub (I do!).




Tv commercial

When I first received the script, I made some suggestions about the translation. Via the production company, the end client agreed. They asked me if I could send them 50 different recordings of the sentence “Heb ik niet” (“I don’t”, the original name of this production). Do I have FIFTY shades of “I don’t”? Hell yes I do!

The pay-off we recorded in a Zoom session from my home studio with the production company on line 2 and someone from the end client on line 3. Both of them only spoke English and French. Their Dutch speaking contact had had to cancel, so I did most of the direction while they listened in on the audio quality. Together we made it work like a charm. Je l’aime!

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