Aid is always close at hand

The message ‘Aid is always close at hand’ is somthing I can relate to as a person and as someone  with a Master’s degree in health sciences (well, what do you know!) from a socially engaged family. Media agency Amazing Mixed Media Minds  asked me to provide the voice-overs for this social media campaign initiated by a social alliance from the city of Apeldoorn.

Of course I was up for this! Did everything go perfect in one take? You’d expect me to write that down here, wouldn’t you? Well, no. Sometimes a client hears a voice-over and goes: “well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind.” That’s no problem at all, we’ll just do a retake.

There are so many ways you can pronounce a certain word in Dutch, or ways in which I can make the tone-of-voice ‘engaging and hopefull’, that a sentence sounding just a bit different than you expected is always a possibility. I just voice that part again. Client happy, Bart happy, everybody happy 🙂

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