Let’s talk about sex

This production allowed me to shine in so many ways: acting, dubbing and voice-overing (as of now, that’s a verb). This series of public health videos was targeted at young adults by a public health organization.




Explainer video


Flom & Co.

The videos were released on TikTok and other social media, to help young adults consider their sexual boundaries without forgetting that sex is also just something to enjoy. I played an overprotective dad (“Do you even realize how many STDs there are?!”) and a conservative dad (the cup-thrower..) with a gay son. The girl playing my daughter managed to keep a straight face up until the moment I shouted “Gonorrhea!!”.

Eventually we changed that word to another STD, to keep on rolling without any more laughing fits. After the shoot I received the footage with music but without the voices and dubbed the other actors in my home studio. Then I recorded the voice-overs for the pay-offs (“Sex is fun! Protect yourself and enjoy”), referring to the local public health service office for further information.

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