E-learning for LifeSight
A project with many shades of my voice. It switches from serious to pretty emotional, to a parody of Johan Cruyff… In this e-learning, the producer created an extra dimension by making the voice-over a character, actually speaking to the viewers and sometimes even referring to himself in second person.

These videos are living proof that education doesn’t have to be boring at all. On the contrary. When learning something new, a good laugh can aid you in the process. Especially when it’s about the distant and abstract reality of pensions. No dull, incomprehensible droning on about what awaits you after retirement.

No! Clear and conversational information, interspersed with little jokes. The visuals and the spoken text working together to keep the audience on the tip of their seats. A production that makes being a voice-over even more fun than it already was.

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