Voicemail system for Lightspeed eCommerce

This company chose my voice from a round of auditions on an international casting platform. To make their Dutch callers feel welcome, connect them to the right business unit and inform them about opening hours and services. Btw: IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

This job started with 80 something ‘prompts’: short messages I received in a spreadsheet. I saved the separate audio files referring to the coding in the spreadsheet, so the client could easily process them in their IVR system. Whenever I saw that the Dutch translation was a bit off, I also delivered a copy

of that particular prompt labelled ‘alternative’, so that they had something to choose from. Since things change and develop all the time within a large multinational, they regularly send me updated prompts. Within hours, I send them the new audio files. Cut clean and ready to use. Happy to be of service!

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